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TeaTan Mousse Medium

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TeaTan Coconut Mousse Dark

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TeaTan Mousse Dark

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anti-oxidant rich natural tea-based self tanner

More and more people realize how risky it is to use tanning beds and lay in the sun for a long time. This has made self-tanning a growing industry. The issue with most self-tanners is they're bad for your skin, smell bad, look orange, and run. TeaTan is excellent for your skin, more like a healthy lotion than a self-tanner, smells great, and never runs.
We've created the best-looking streak-free natural self-tanner for a low price.
About TeaTan Co.
Health is important, that's why TeaTan looks amazing & is great for your skin!


Grab the world's healthiest self-tanner today!

Our Products Contain Naturally Derived Ingredients, Sustainable and Ethical Ingredients, Nourishing Skincare Ingredients, & Natural Preservatives.

Our Products Don’t Contain Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Formaldehyde, or Aluminum Salts.

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